Talk about being fully determined.

Cleveland’s, LeBron James arrived at the TD Garden an hour before his teammates arrived (or anyone else for that matter) and immediately started training, getting prepared for game 3 against the Boston Celtics and by the time his teammates arrived, one hour latter to join him, he was already in his intense training.

Lebron’s decision to be at the TD Garden way before other teammates could join him shows the commitment that he is putting into winging the first round of the NBA playoffs where Lebron and His

“I don’t do it often, but that’s just the mode I’m in right now”, Lebron said while speaking to the Northeast Ohio Media Group. 

Being that time of the year again where we get entertained by the madness that is the playoff, James knows the time of the year he is in and wants to be ready for all the games.

“He’s a very focused guy, he understands what it takes to win at this level and he leads by example for us. That’s important to have, we know he’s not going to tell us to do anything that he wouldn’t do”, center Tristan Thompson said.

James knows TD Garden too well since he had some memorable moments in the building. This game is the first road playoff game for a few of the major contributors. He knows his rivals so well and also their fan as he describes them as rowdiest, most passionate fans in the league. “It’s a very hostile environment, people here love the game. They see green, they only see green, that’s all they care about is their team and you respect that as a competitor going against them”, James said. He said that there is more love in the ground when they are playing against each other.  Coaches also put more pressure on the players making the game more fun. 


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